Industry organizations and certification bodies turn to us to evaluate applications and connected devices.

They also trust us to design the methodologies, processes and tools that help them set and achieve their objectives.

Certification authorities select a limited number of evaluation laboratories to conduct the evaluations on which they base their

certification decisions. To be accredited by a specific certification authority, evaluation laboratories undergo rigorous audits on their

evaluation methodologies and the security of their sites.


Le laboratoire Trusted Labs a été accrédité sous le N° 1-6353 par le COFRAC, en Mai 2018. La portée est disponible sur le site


Trusted Labs is accredited by COFRAC, since May 2018, under the N° 1-6353. The scope is available on

This accreditation is in accordance with the recognized international standard ISO/IEC 17025.

Trusted Labs is practicing security evaluations in automotive, smart metering, finance, energy, IoT and content premium.

Common Criteria

Trusted Labs ITSEF is now approved by the French certification body ANSSI to perform security evaluations following Common Criteria ISO/CEI 15408 standard. Product developers can contact Trusted Labs ITSEF and its experts to perform evaluations of their products against the international recognized Common criteria scheme


CSPN (Certificat de Sécurité de Premier Niveau / First-level security certificate) is an entry-level security certification based on the Common Criteria. It was defined by the French national security agency for IT systems to provide a minimum level of assurance to IT security products. Trusted Labs is a CSPN evaluation laboratory (accredited as n° 176/ANSII/SDE).


Check the list of fields this accreditation covers (in French).


Bancontact is the Belgium leader in electronic card payment services. Trusted Labs is accredited to conduct security evaluations of mobile payment applications under the Bancontact security certification scheme