Another EAL7 certified product for TrustedLabs

21 décembre 2018

Here comes a great news, celebrating our ability to deliver secure design and products. This one is coming from the security certification side ! On a regular basis, we are providing support to chip suppliers, firmware and OS providers, to help them to design secured product. The major reward on that matter is a security certification, based on an external laboratory evaluation. This month, Trusted Labs has obtained a security certification, among one of the higher security level in the Common Criteria familly. The object of certification is a secure chip, embedding a Multos operating system, dedicated to governement markets. This product has been developed in collaboration with Trusted Labs, Infineon Technology and Gemalto. The certification level reached is EAL 7 and was evaluated by Thales labs. This is our third EAL 7 certification, and as each time, we are proud to bring our contribution for an even more trusted world.

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