Security certification

The security certification is part of the pillars of the digital trust.
The security certification sheme are designed collaboratively by industries or government expecting to have an optimal level of security in their domain.
Certifications can only be conducted by accredited actors being familiar with different schemes and aware of all recent attacks, usually refenced in the certifications.

Trusted Labs has experienced more then 15 years of security certification. From secure element, to mobile application, including IoT and embedded devices, several tenth of technologies have been certified thanks to Trusted Labs engineers. In order to cope with traditional common criteria based scheme or other well known certifications, Trusted Labs is monitoring accurately all possible attacks on the technology stacks of devices, allowing to prepare or conduct security certifications and deliver relevant reports. Trusted Labs is accredited for Bancontact, CSPN and COFRAC certification scheme. (Trusted Labs is accredited by COFRAC, since May 2018, under the N° 1-6353. The scope is available on

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